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Hello Folks, its Ashish Chauhan from Ash-Vir Creations, today in this post i am gonna show you how to download top 50 my favourite collection of Mobile Lightroom Presets Pack for free.
This presets i personally created by my own so you can't use it on any website or on any youtube or social media for commercial use without my prior permission, if found strict action against them would be taken. You can use it for your personal use only.
In this bundle of preset you can get total 50 Lightroom Presets.
AVC (Ash-Vir Creations)
Top 50 Mobile Lightroom Preset Pack Contains
  • Teal + Gold Presets 
  • Teal + Autumn Presets
  • Aqua Green Presets
  • Vintage Summer Presets
  • Black + Gold Presets
  • Black + Brown Presets
  • Black + Vintage Presets
  • Gold + Washout Preset
  • Blue + Winter Presets
  • Blue + Autumn Presets
  • Evening Blue Presets
  • Deep Blue Presets
  • Winter Morning Presets
  • Toni M. Presets
  • Pink + Blue Brandon W. Presets
  • Luiz. Presets 
So you can download many more presets than above mentioned from our MobileLightroom Pack for free.
We have made a special video tutorial on this which comprises of 3 parts; first part i have explained how to download this presets and in the second part i have explained very perfectly how to install this  presets in your lightroom step by step and the third part i have explained how to use this presets in your photos and stand out from the rest.
Watch our Full Video tutorial on Youtube on how to edit your photos like trending top instagram color effect and preset like this i have given you for your mobile lightroom and don't forget to press bell icon and subscribe our channel and do like this video and share this with all your friends in all social platforms like whatsapp, facebook, instagram etc. so that you can easily learn such creative instagram trending tone for your instagram photos.

How to Install this Presets in Mobile Lightroom?
-Copy all (.dng) file presets in your mobile memory.
-Open Lightroom mobile app then open desired Raw file which are the preset files.
-Click on three dots on right side and click copy settings.
-Now open the jpeg photo which you want to apply preset and again click on three dots.
-Now click paste settings to apply presets.

How to Install Presets in Lightroom in Windows?
  1. Open Lightroom from your PC.
  2. Go to Edit Tab.
  3. Then Go to Preferences Tab.
  4. Go to Preset Tab.
  5. Click on Open Preset containing folder.
  6. Go to Lightroom folder.
  7. Then go to Develop Preset folder.
  8. Go to User Preset folder.
  9. Paste all Lightroom Presets which i have given into that folder.
  10. Refresh folder.
  11. Close Lightroom.
  12. Restart Lightroom.
  13. Go to Preset area.
  14. Go to User Presets.
  15. There you can find all 5 Presets installed.
  16. Enjoy all for free.
How to Install Presets in Lightroom in Mac? Follow this simple steps for Mac User.
->Open Lightroom.
->Go to: Lightroom (Dialogue) • Preferences • Presets.
->Click on the box titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder.
->Double click on Lightroom.
->Double click on Develop Presets.
->Copy the folder(s) of your presets into Develop Presets folder.
->Restart Lightroom.
Thats it. this is how you have to install the presets in your mobile lightroom in any of the version and use our presets for free and pop out your photos.
Click on the Below Download Button to Download Top 50 Mobile Lightroom Preset Pack
This preset contains mostly all the famous color effects which are seen on instagram and the tones which are used by the famous instagram photographer as well as editor and fashion bloggers.
Moody Matt, Teal and Gold or pop out colors are very much popular to stand out your photos from the rest and make your instagram profile eye clicking.
Get this top 50 mobile lightroom presets:- Click Here
Open the folder which contains total 50 (.dng) lightroom presets file.
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Be Creative, Be Awesome.
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